David Still has a love of photography that lead him to have two professional studios in NZ CBD before   he relocated to London, United Kingdom.

There he worked for top advertising agencies and leading international companies such as FCB, Saatchi and Saatchi, JWT, Yves St Laurent, Ford, Nestle and many more.

Working with these clients on advertising campaigns, TVC Stills and the like, meant he became   proficient in all camera formats including 8X10” view cameras.

As this kind of work took him to many shooting situations needing specialist lighting he used all types of lighting, including ‘flash’ and it’s various light shaping tools and attachments, ‘hot’ lights – HMI’s and tungsten (spots, blondes, red-heads etc) on location and on intricate still life and product sets in the studio.

He has worked on shoots with art directors, models, stylists and all manner of ancillary agents such as location finders, prop hunters, clothes stylists, make-up artists and food stylists. Over the years, he has also taught many junior photographic assistants in his studios who have also gone on to work in the photographic industry.